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October 25, 2022

Pressly Powers the New Churn Report

❓What if you could predict when a member might leave your gym?

❓ What if you knew some of the reasons why they might leave?

❓ Would you try to save that member from leaving?

Our Pressly™️ division has analyzed millions of data points looking to answer the question: What member behavior patterns are early indicators that a member will cancel their gym membership in the next month?

ICYM, Pressly™️ is PushPress's A.I./Machine Learning engine that powers our data analysis, reporting, and automation that helps gyms owners save time and make more informed decisions. 

Basically, we've built a Membership Churn Model that looks at all of a member's interactions with your PushPress system. Everything from how many check-ins, how frequently they check in, how many classes they have canceled reservations for, how much retail they have purchased, and 150+ other interactions. We then interpreted the member data through this Membership Churn Model to generate a report of members who are most likely to churn.

We’re not making butter, what does “Churn” mean

Churn is a common word that businesses use to refer to the rate at which customers cancel their recurring subscriptions. In this case, we’re using Churn to refer to a similar concept but in the fitness space - the rate at which customers cancel their memberships.

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With this report, you'll be able to see:

  • Members who are likely to cancel their membership
  • That member's specific Churn Probability
  • The reasons why that member might Churn

How should you use this report?

You shouldn't use this report to interrogate your members on their habits but as an indicator to use your excellent soft skills and target your efforts.

A member with a high score doesn't necessarily mean they are about to leave - it just means our model gave them a high score based on their usage data. Sometimes this might be due to a small break for family reasons or a holiday, and sometimes it's because someone doesn't use a feature consistently (we all have that member that never registers or checks in).

We suggest you look at the report's results and create a note to connect with the highly scored members, review their plans and get a feeler on how you could support them better.

How do you get the report?

The report is currently in a closed Alpha. In the next few weeks, we will be rolling it out to select gyms to use and test. Since this is a Machine Learning report, we will continue to gather feedback and data to keep improving the report. Once the Membership Churn Report is fully released, it will be available and included for all Core Customers

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