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October 25, 2021

There's good news, better news, ... then there is this news!

Today's update is HUGE!! There is a lot in this one so sit back a check it all out. We'll start small with the list of Bug Fixes.

Bug Fixes

Core - subscription/pause bugs fixed.

Grow - Bug fix where client phone numbers would not automatically sync between Core and Grow CRM

Core - Bug fix where sessions tied to billing availability were not matching the bill date

Core - Payment forecast report fixed to include all upcoming payments in the current month.

Core - Payment forecast report removed pending cancel and pending pause plans

Core - Payment forecast report for next month now includes tax in the line totals

Core - Payment forecast report fixed to not include comp payments value in upcoming forecast

Core - Bug fix where emails that are meant to be sent to all admin are only being sent to one admin

Train - Workouts programmed in Train will now show in the PushPress Member app workouts section

Core - Bug fix where check in limit counter did not display error popup when the limit was exceeded on billing by period plans

Core - added new logging for tracking of bounced emails for engineering team

New Features

Core - Super small addition to the PushPress Core dashboard, but HUGE when it comes to receiving updates from the team. This little notification let you know when have posted imported info, system updates, or other super cool things! 

Core - You can now create a new plan with limited check-ins and have those reset on the billing date. Check out more in the below video.

Core - The next phase of our Communications update is here! Allows users to edit automatic emails and create additional emails based on automatic triggers. Includes workflow editor and smart fields for customizing emails.

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September 30, 2021

Bug smashing and Features

The team has been hard at work smashing bugs and adding some new features to the system!

New Features

-Pro Metric report added to PushPress Pro Subscribers Check out more here -Added the ability to turn off system generated emails

Bug Fixes

-Fixes to Australia Direct Debit Beta -Cleaned up the member communications history to only show items that were sent to the member.


- ACH report remove Non-member and Leads from the page (US only) -Add Migration mode to ACH report to request bank info from Non-members and Leads (US only) -Updated Sales Tax Liability report to display Total Taxable Sales -Added Sales tax export to include taxable and non-taxable sales designation

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September 02, 2021

Member App 2.20.3

As always, we’re hustling hard to keep our Member App up to date and bug free! Nothing huge to report here, but a fresh release of bug fixes and stability and speed improvements!

Also, how about a little teaser...we've laid the groundwork for an upcoming social feed. We're on a mission to replace Facebook and give you another option for community building in your gym. Stay tuned 😜

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