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October 13, 2022

(New App!) PushPress Staff App

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After almost a year in development, it's finally here!

You asked for a dedicated app for your staff. You wanted an easy way to free them up to get more done, without being locked behind a desk and computer. They need to be on the gym floor with your members. Well, here it is!

The new PushPress Staff App is a dedicated app for your Admins, Coaches, and Front Desk Staff that streamlines their common daily tasks, all from one place.

With this app they will be able to:

  • Check members in - They will be able to bulk check in all members with a reservation at the beginning of class, or check members in individually.
  • Manage the waitlist - They will be able to add or remove members from the waitlist. No need to hop behind a computer to adjust the waitlist
  • Chat with other staff members via the Staff Chat channels and threads. No more text message threads or slack groups are needed. 
  • Quickly access member information - They can update a member's profile, send an email, adjust membership plans, or start a chat via SMS
  • Replace the Check-In App - The Staff App can be put into Kiosk Mode to replace the Check-In app to allow users to check themselves into class.

This is just the beginning of the Staff App. Just as we're releasing this version of the App, our team is already working on adding more functionality to the app. In the future, you can expect:

  • Store App functionality, allowing your Staff to process retail purchases on the fly
  • Check-in with QR codes
  • Customizable chat threads
  • Edit class information 
  • ... and more!

There you have it! In true PushPress fashion, we wanted to release this App as quickly as possible, but continue to build out and improve the functionality over time.

Now go download it and tell your staff!

The app is immediately available to all PushPress customers on the iOS and Google Play platforms

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